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Mission Statement: We partner with a small family-owned coffee roastery, Appalachian Mountain Coffee, to provide you with the finest hand-roasted coffees. Shipped fresh, direct from the Roastery. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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The Roasting Shop

Appalachian Mountain Coffee​

About Appalachian Mountain Coffee

Visit us:
Appalachian Mountain Coffee
594 Grubbs Church Rd.
Port Trevorton, PA 17864

Hours: Thursday 8-8, Friday 4-8, Saturday 8-12

Family Small Business

Support a local, family fun business.


Yes, it is possible and sustainable.


Roasted by a person, not a machine.

5-Star Rated Coffee

Enjoy some of the best in Central PA.

The Off-grid, Out-back Coffee Roaster Appalachian Mountain Coffee

Appalachian Mountain Coffee is a true small shop coffee roastery (similar to roasters of days gone by). And, it’s a family business- Merle & Linda Zimmerman with their 6 children, live happy, simple, off-grid, and enjoy family-life together on their farmette. They are uniquely nestled among the Appalachian Mountain Range of Central PA and operate entirely off-grid.

The beans are roasted in true hand-roasted fashion, in micro-batches to bring you the most authentic aroma and flavor. Their signature coffees are the result of years of learning, tasting, and creating unique coffee profiles.

Over the years Appalachian Mountain Coffee has earned a reputation for “the best, freshest coffee” locally. Their success is a result of years of hobby roasting, reading, experimenting, and eventually developing roast profiles that are customer favorites. All this with basic equipment and using a method of hand-roasting referred to as ‘Blind roasting’.

        We at Cirrusly Fresh Coffee, are excited to partner with Appalachian Mountain Coffee as their channel for sales and customer support.
     If you’re searching for a coffee you truly enjoy, or you need a special coffee for 
your special occasions, Appalachian Mountain Coffee is a perfect choice.     

  Coffee is roasted weekly to ensure freshness. Orders for fresh roasted coffee are shipped Tuesday and Friday. Orders for Tea and K-cups are usually shipped within one business day.

Discover the pleasure of genuinely fresh coffee

coffee leaves

Exotic Blend

A fun, bold blend that will leave you wanting more!

K-Cups = Convenience

Get the convenience of K-Cups but still get the freshets coffee available!


Get that warm, mild flavor that only comes from single-source Colombian.

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Customers Reviews

Best, freshest coffee ever it is an experience.
Girl Named T

People love our coffee!

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Some of the best coffee I’ve had. Highly recommended. Didn’t use to drink coffee but this made me a coffee drinker!
Edwin Weaver