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  Coffee. It’s not just about the caffeine. Coffee ought to be enjoyed FRESH. It’s inviting aroma and vibrant flavors should give you that satisfied, ‘ah, that was good’ feeling.

    Our mission is to partner with small, family-style roasteries who are passionate about fresh, quality, and customer satisfaction. We offer direct shipping from the roastery to you.

   Roastery we partner with: Appalachian Mountain Coffee. Out-back. Off-grid. Family Operated. Hand-roasted.

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The Roastery

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Family Small Business

Support a local, family-run business.


Yes, it is possible and sustainable.


Roasted by a person, not a machine.

5-Star Rated Coffee

Enjoy some of the best in Central PA.

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- Appalachian Mountain Coffee -

Appalachian Mountain Coffee is a true small shop coffee roastery (similar to Roasteries of days gone by). It’s a family business- Merle & Linda Zimmerman with their 6 children, live happy, simple, off-grid, and enjoy family-life together on their farmette. Appalachian Mountain Coffee is uniquely located near the Appalachian Mountain Range of Central PA.

  Years of experience has taught Roast Master Merle a lot about the science and art of hand-roasting. His commitment to excellence begins by choosing specialty Arabica beans and hand-roasting them in small batches for that authentic aroma and flavor.

   Appalachian Mountain Coffee has earned a reputation for “the best, freshest coffee” locally. We think you will agree. 

  If you are searching for a more satisfying coffee for your home, office, or events, Appalachian Mountain Coffee is an excellent choice.

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Exotic Blend

A fun, bold blend that will leave you wanting more!

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Get that warm, mild flavor that only comes from single-source Colombian.

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Customers Reviews

"The company I work for loves this coffee and can’t get enough! It has such a fresh flavor and truly stands out from the “big name” brands. The customer service is also phenomenal! You won’t regret your purchase!"

People love our coffee!

Check out a few kind words our customers have left for us.

"I consider myself a coffee connoisseur since I have tried 100s of different coffees here in the U.S. and in other parts of the world. Without a doubt Appalachian Mountain Coffee is the best I have ever had. It is rich and robust and smells heavenly first thing in the morning or the last thing at night. I no longer have to search for the best cup of coffee, I have found it in Appalachian Mountain Coffee."
-Bob Sweet