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Passionate about coffee.

Welcome to Cirrusly Fresh Coffee. We’re here to make your coffee hour more satisfying with the Inviting Aroma, and Vibrant Flavors of fresh roasted coffee.

Many of us grew up drinking Maxwell House, Folgers, or some other brand we
purchased at the local grocery store. It was the coffee we knew.  For better or for worse, these brands shaped our opinion and definition of coffee…… Ever ask yourself, why do I like or not like coffee?

My personal perception of coffee changed dramatically once our family began drinking Appalachian Mountain Coffee. Good coffee is fresh and lacks the bitter aftertaste that often accompanies stale coffee. Add to this the amazing aroma and nuance flavors. It’s true coffee satisfaction.

Cirrusly Fresh Coffee began as a sales partner with Appalachian Mountain Coffee fall of 2020. Our goal is to be your source for the finest coffee, specialty teas, and other good-for-you beverage options. 

 Our Customers

Individuals: Order coffee which gets shipped to you direct from the Roastery. Option to set up autoship through our Fresh Express program.

Offices, businesses, events: We are happy to partner with you in providing a coffee and tea your employees, customers, and guests will appreciate. Ask us about quantity discounts, delivery options, order lead times.

  Beyond fresh-roasted coffee, our products include specialty teas, coffee in k-cups, hot chocolate, and honey.IMG 20230108 170621123 HDR 2

                                       Timothy Yoder- Owner/Manager

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it's all about the fresh

So... How do you do it?

Direct shipping. Always fresh.  When you order fresh roasted coffee, we give your order to Appalachian Mountain Coffee where they roast, package, and ship it directly to you. (Typically the coffee you receive has been roasted within 1-4 days from the date it goes to the shipper)

About Appalachian Mountain Coffee
the story of

Appalachian Mountain Coffee

 The story of Appalachian Mountain Coffee is one of simple beginnings, perseverance, passion, and family. Merle Zimmerman (the Roast Master) always enjoyed challenges and projects requiring attention to detail. Some 10 years ago, Merle became fascinated with coffee, in particular, coffee roasting.  He began looking through coffee roasting catalogues, reading articles, and researching roasting equipment. His interest soon progressed from ‘Could I do this?’ to ‘I can do this’.

   Merle and his family live entirely off-grid. They limit their use of technology and electricity. This presented him with the first challenge: “how do I roast without electricity?”

   One day while paging through a catalogue, a book title caught his attention – ‘Home Coffee Roasting-Romance & Revival’ by Kenneth Davids. This book proved to be a valuable resource. Today he still credits his success to this book.

    Merle began experimenting by hand-roasting coffee in popcorn poppers, and in the kitchen oven on cookie sheets. Once the volume of smoke was too much for the kitchen he moved the roasting into his Dad’s old woodworking shop where he continued roasting on cookie sheets and in popcorn poppers. A battery-operated fan cooled the beans. Grinding was done with a hand crank grain grinder. 

A family business......

     As Merle continued roasting and gaining knowledge about coffee beans, he became passionate about it. He searched for high-quality beans, developed his own unique method of roasting, and created his own unique blends and roast profiles. It was time for the next step.
   Merle, along with his wife Linda, decided to make this a family business. They upgraded to a stainless steel drum for roasting and installed a stainless steel cooler. An air-powered grinder replaced the hand-crank grinder.
   After receiving state inspection for their facility, they began selling packaged coffee to local stores and to anyone who stops by.

What sets Appalachian Mountain Coffee apart?

   Customers continually comment on how good the coffee is. Several keys to their success: 

  •  High-quality, specialty beans. Merle says, “Quality beans produce a quality coffee”.
  • Hand-roasted in small batches for that authentic aroma and flavor. Each coffee is hand-roasted in batches up to 6lb. The Roast Master determines when the beans have reached the desired roast level by listening to the crackling of the beans, observing the volume of smoke, and taking a quick color analysis. Once the roast level has been reached, the beans are quickly removed from the roaster and tranferred to the cooler, where they are cooled within minutes.
  • Signature blends and roasts. Everyone of Appalachian Mountain Coffee’s coffee profiles was chosen and roasted by Roast Master Merle. 
   Appalachian Mountain Coffee is the finest, freshest, hand-roasted coffee you’ll find in Central PA. Uniquely nestled among the south-eastern hills of Snyder County, PA. Their dedication and passion for quality has resulted in an exceptionally fresh, vibrant coffee experience.
   They still operate entirely off-grid. Solar panels and a diesel engine provide the neccessary power and air for the operations.

**Any roasting techniques shared here are for informational purposes only and are not to be taken as instructions for success. If you want to learn more about home roasting we recommend reading ‘Home Coffee Roasting’ by Kenneth Davids, and do your own research.

Business Sign - Appalachian Mountain Coffee

What's Cirrusly about coffee?

At first glance it’s only a fancy variation of ‘seriously’…… but there’s more logic to it.

  The inspiration came when thinking of a word that describes Appalachian Mountain Coffee: The skill and dedication of the Roast Master; it’s quality, uniqueness, and the satisfaction one recieves from drinking it.

  Being an aviation enthusiast, ‘Cirrus’ came to mind. Cirrus clouds on a sunny day…… Cirrus aircraft with their elegance, quality and uniqueness……

   So Cirrus became Cirrusly to represent quality and elegance, unique and complex, simple and vibrant.


Random Coffee Factoids

Stuff you might not know about Appalachian Mountain Coffee

It’s true! The bushes generally grow around 3-4 tall but can grow into a something that looks more like a tree at 5-8 feet tall. Check out this picture of some beautiful coffee bushes.

coffee bushes

The berry is called the coffee cherry (are you confused yet?) It’s called that because… well, take a look at the image below. The coffee bean is inside the berry. Who’da thunk?

coffee cherry

Not only is Hawaii arguably the most beautiful state in the union… it’s also the only one that can grow coffee. Sorry California. Check out this shot of a Hawaii coffee field.

hawaii coffee

Roasting coffee without electricity?! Preposterous!! No actually it’s a thing, and it works quite well. We won’t go into great detail here but let’s just say they use another heat source.

roasts medium

Sorry. This one’s kind of obvious, but sometime we need to be reminded of obvious things. Appalachian Mountain Coffee uses really good beans so don’t be surprised when the coffee is really good too. great coffee bean  

This one seems kinda weird. You’d think the darker the more caffeine, but actually roasting coffee longer removes more of the natural caffeine so lighter roasts actually have more.

coffee roasting about us

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