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Passionate about coffee.

Welcome to Cirrusly Fresh Coffee. We’re here to make your coffee hour more
satisfying with the Inviting Aroma, and Vibrant Flavors of fresh roasted coffee.

Many of us grew up drinking Maxwell House, Folgers, or some other brand we
purchased at the local grocery store. It was the coffee we knew. These brands shaped our opinion and definition of coffee……until…….. “Hey, try this coffee……It’s the best……. it was just roasted yesterday at that little roastery over on top of that hill”. So begins our journey to enjoying coffee and exploring it’s intriguing characteristics. The difference? It’s fresh.

Cirrusly Fresh Coffee exists to promote and spotlight small, family-owned roasteries. 

We are, specifically, the sales channel for ‘Appalachian Mountain Coffee’. All orders placed through us are prepared and shipped direct from the Roastery.

     It’s Fresh. It’s a Pleasure. It’s Coffee Satisfaction. Guaranteed.      

About Cirrusly Fresh Coffee
it's all about the fresh

So... How do you do it?

Since roasted coffee beans begin to lose there aroma and flavor after roasting, our goal is to deliver your order to you as soon as possible. We currently use USPS and UPS. Local Delivery is available within 25 miles of Appalachian Mountain Coffee.

About Appalachian Mountain Coffee
the story of

Appalachian Mountain Coffee

The Appalachian Mountain Coffee story begins with a young man named Merle, the master roaster, who enjoys challenges and things that require attention to detail. He was fascinated looking through Coffee Roasting catalogues and thought- how could I roast coffee without electricity? A book description caught his attention where it mentioned roasting coffee with anything from popcorn poppers to commercial roasters. He then purchased the book, Home Coffee Roasting- Romance & Revival by Kenneth Davids. 

Merle began experimenting with popcorn poppers, cookie sheets and the kitchen oven. Once the volume of smoke was too much for the kitchen he moved the roasting into his Dad’s old woodworking shop still using cookie sheets, popcorn poppers, and battery fans for cooling the beans. Grinding was done with a hand crank grain grinder. There were a lot of challenges to obtaining an even roast on a cookie sheet.

8 Years Later...

After receiving state inspection, Merle upgraded to a stainless steel drum for roasting and a stainless steel cooler. An air-powered grinder replaced the hand-crank grinder. The skill and art is in the roasting itself, that is, to reach the desired roast level and stop right there. At Appalachian Mountain Coffee, this is done by listening to the crack of the beans in the roaster, watching the volume of smoke, and cooling the beans immediately. No computerized equipment – no electricity.
Today, 8+ years later, Appalachian Mountain Coffee is a 5-star rated family business nestled among the south-eastern hills of Snyder County, PA. Their dedication and passion for quality has resulted in a unique coffee experience with many loyal customers. They operate entirely off-grid.
We invite you to try this unique hand-roasted specialty coffee- and share it with family and friends.

**Any roasting techniques shared here are for informational purposes only and are not to be taken as instructions for success. If you want to learn more about home roasting we recommend reading ‘Home Coffee Roasting’ by Kenneth Davids, and do your own research.

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What's Cirrusly about coffee?

At first glance it’s only a fancy variation of seriously…… Cirrus refers to those high wispy white clouds on a sunny day. Cirrus represents brightness, simplicity, complex and vibrant. We believe your coffee hour should be the same- bright, with simple joys, and vibrant flavors.

In Aviation, Cirrus represents Quality and Elegance…….. So is a cup of Appalachian Mountain Coffee. Its quality beans are skillfully roasted which makes for an exquisite and unique cup of coffee.

Try some today….. drink it slowly, savor the flavor and aroma, appreciate the potential of a simple coffee bean.


Random Coffee Factoids

Stuff you might not know about Appalachian Mountain Coffee

It’s true! The bushes generally grow around 3-4 tall but can grow into a something that looks more like a tree at 5-8 feet tall. Check out this picture of some beautiful coffee bushes.

coffee bushes

The berry is called the coffee cherry (are you confused yet?) It’s called that because… well, take a look at the image below. The coffee bean is inside the berry. Who’da thunk?

coffee cherry

Not only is Hawaii arguably the most beautiful state in the union… it’s also the only one that can grow coffee. Sorry California. Check out this shot of a Hawaii coffee field.

hawaii coffee

Roasting coffee without electricity?! Preposterous!! No actually it’s a thing, and it works quite well. We won’t go into great detail here but let’s just say they use another heat source.

roasts medium

Sorry. This one’s kind of obvious, but sometime we need to be reminded of obvious things. Appalachian Mountain Coffee uses really good beans so don’t be surprised when the coffee is really good too. great coffee bean  

This one seems kinda weird. You’d think the darker the more caffeine, but actually roasting coffee longer removes more of the natural caffeine so lighter roasts actually have more.

coffee roasting about us

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